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Rebecca Lowery was born and raised in rural Georgia, USA. She began her love of clay in college where she was an apprentice in the Berea College pottery for four years and received her BA in studio art with an emphasis in sculpture. After graduation, she taught, developed and created ceramics in Kentucky, Maryland and Indiana. In her current studio in Bloomington, Indiana, she creates whimsical handmade pottery and sculpture displayed at art exhibitions, galleries and festivals throughout the year.

Artist Statement:

Clay is an amorphous material that takes the shape of the space it inhabits. Clay may, then, take the shape of anything in nature or imagination. It is this ability to become anything that makes clay an exciting material to work with. There are no limits to the possibilities of what form the clay can take.  

I enjoy taking the unformed clay and giving “life” to each piece. Each piece has its own gesture or mood.  
When material and form come together, something magical happens. A functional whimsical pot invites you to play and have some fun or a mysterious figure connects you with the ethereal within us all.


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